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    The village Vlkolínec is a typical mountain village, situated in the Veľká Fatra mountains below the hill Sidorovo, at the altitude of 718 m. The first written reference about the village is from the year 1376, when it was mentioned as a street of the town Ružomberok. In 1625, it had only 9 houses and in 1828 about 51 houses. The villages burnt out during the World War Second as a part of reprisals performed by the German army against partisans.
    It was declared a national cultural reservation in 1977 and since 1993 it has been registered in the list of the World natural and cultural heritage UNESCO. The reason was a unique complex of 45 original, almost unchanged little rustical houses with stone socles, walls daubed by clay and roofs covered by shingles. Houses originate mostly from the 19th century and have a typical ground plan with three rooms. Split-level in the entrance-hall and in the pantry is from trampled clay and the living-room has a wooden floor.
    The oven is located in the entrance hall and the fume is conducted through the opening in the shingle saddle roof. Although the base is made from quarry stone, usually they do not have any cellar.

Note: Vlkolínec belongs to a district of the city Ružomberok.



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