Ohnište (Fireplace)
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    The Fireplace (1538 m) is an important mountain massif that consists mostly of lime stones and dolomites. In its upper part it has slightly wavy carst plateau with lots of precipices with steep slopes all around. Especially the southern and south-western slopes are remarkable. They are hundreds meters long stony rows separated by narrow plateaus.
    The massif has two tops. The higher one (1538 m) is situated above a large meadow. Below the main top, there is a 125 m deep precipice called Veľká ľadová priepasť (Great Ice Precipice) and close to the top, there is a 10 m large opening called "Okno" (Window).
    From the main top you would have one of the most impressive views at the whole Low Tatras mountain ridge, especially at its central part.



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