Čierny Váh (The Black Váh)
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    The Black Váh is a settlement of game-keepers and wood cutters situated in the narrow valley of the Black Váh river on the northern slopes of the Kráľova hoľa Tatras, close to the place where Ipoltica creek flows into the Black Váh river.
    The first written reference is from the year 1808. Later it was united with the village Kráľova Lehota. The village became popular especially after building a water power-plant of Black Váh, which is still the biggest water power-plant in Slovakia (its capacity is bigger than the capacity of all other power-plants in the Váh river together, except for the Liptovska Mara Dam). The water-dam consists of two dams. The lower dam was built at the settlement Nižný Chmelinec and its waters reach the settlement Black Váh, which is 2 km far. The dam contains 3.7 mil. m3 of water. The upper dam was built at the carst plateau Vyšne Sokoly (1150 m). Water from the lower dam flows through underground pipes into the upper one, overcoming the elevation of about 445 m. The pipes were carefully built so that they did not change anything on the slopes of the State Natural Reserve of Turková.
    The Black Váh river was used for floating wood and trees till the end of the 19-th century. Even today you still can find remains of dikes that were built on all creeks in that region.

NOTE: The local part of the village Kráľova Lehota.



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